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Nomination Criteria: (Award Eligibility Below)

Small Business:
This award is given to the independent organization that has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to their customers, and strong management expertise that establishes it as a role model for other small businesses. To meet eligibility requirements the nominee must have no more than one hundred full-time equivalent employees.

Business to Business:
This award is given to the organization that provides a service to businesses and has demonstrated outstanding achievement in service quality and adaptability to changing customer service needs.

This award is given to an independent organization that has developed and implemented a unique, innovative, and successful marketing strategy that demonstrated a significant impact on either the organization or its target market.

Outstanding Customer Service:
This award is given to a company for their commitment to and delivery of exceptional customer service.

Young Entrepreneur:
This award is given to an individual who has shown outstanding achievement in the development and operation of a business, and is an owner with a minimum of 50% share in the business. In addition to general eligibility, the nominee must be 35 years of age or younger prior to August 31st, 2017.

Community Stewardship:
This award is given to a registered non-profit organization that, through purpose, generates a positive and sustainable impact on the community.

Community Leadership:
This award is given to the independent organization that has proven itself to be a community leader in the City of St. Albert. The successful nominee shows outstanding contributions and commitment to making St. Albert a wonderful place to live and work.

This award is given to a small business that is in its first three years of business, and has demonstrated itself as the most dynamic start-up business in the St. Albert community.

Business Awards of Distinction Nomination 2017

Thank you for your nomination!

Award Eligibility

  • Minimum of three years in business with an exception for the Ignite award category
  • Alberta resident owned/owner operated business must own the nominated business for a minimum of one year
  • Business must bear a St. Albert business licence
  • Business cannot receive an award in the same category within the past five years
  • Business can only stand for a single nomination category
  • Some awards are not available to chain corporations or franchisees (Ignite, Small Business, Marketing, or Community Stewardship)

Please Note:

  • The following are not eligible for nomination:
    • Judging Committee members
    • Small Business Week Committee members
    • St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors
  • Businesses/individuals can nominate a business, or a business may self-nominate
  • A team of judges will interview each nominated business
  • In order to qualify nominees must participate in an interview with the judges
  • Nominees will be contacted in advance to set up times for the interview at the Chamber office
  • Nominees will be asked to provide a team or business photo for the Awards of Distinction Ceremony Program
  • All businesses must meet the eligibility requirements for the award they chose to stand for
  • If a business is nominated for multiple categories, the business will be contacted and asked which (single) award category they wish to stand in.

Special Award Eligibility:

  • Small Business Award: No more than one hundred full time equivalent employees
  • Young Entrepreneur Award: Nominee must be 35 years of age or younger prior to August 31st, 2017
  • Ignite Award: Must be in business one to three years
  • Community Stewardship Award: All registered non-profit organizations are eligible for the award and must provide a copy of their certificate of incorporation under the Alberta Societies Act, as well as their St. Albert business licence.
  • Community Leadership Award: No more than 100 FTEs and cannot be a chain corporation or franchise.
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