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Provincial Advocacy

We work closely with the Alberta Chambers of Commerce (ACC) to advocate on behalf of businesses in the area. Together, the chamber and ACC collect input from the business community and compile it into a policy book that is used to guide their advocacy efforts at the provincial level. This collaboration allows the chamber to effectively represent the interests of local businesses and ensure that their voices are heard by decision makers in the provincial government.

Alberta Chambers of Commerce
Our community is everything. A healthy community means healthy business conditions. Our role as representatives is to do everything we can to maintain an inclusive, thriving economy in Alberta.

Alberta Chambers of Commerce Policy Archive
Here you will find an archive of ACC’s policies and their 2020-2022 policy book.

Alberta Perspectives
The Alberta Perspectives platform is a forum for Alberta’s business leaders to share insights and shape the business environment around them.

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Alberta Cabinet Ministers
The Premier is the head of Cabinet, and chooses cabinet ministers. The Cabinet approves Orders in Council and policy matters, and has the final say on day-to-day government operations.

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