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Community Events

We proudly host a variety of community events throughout the year to give back to the community and provide businesses with the opportunity to sponsor and show their support. These events can range from the largest outdoor Farmers’ Market in Western Canada, the beloved Snowflake festival, and the Lifestyle and Sale Expo. As a chamber, our goal is to help our community thrive by supporting local businesses and organizations and promoting economic growth and development. By hosting these events, we not only provide opportunities for businesses to connect and build relationships with one another, but we also help to strengthen the sense of community and support within our city.

Lifestyle and Sale Expo


The St. Albert Lifestyle Expo & Sale is a popular event that brings together a diverse range of businesses from the local community. With over 200 vendors showcasing a variety of goods and services, the expo offers something for everyone. From backyard beautification to stylish men's socks and underwear, the expo keeps a diverse roster of businesses on hand to showcase the vibrant mix of products and services available in St. Albert and the surrounding area. The expo is a great opportunity to start your spring by exploring the wide range of goods and services available in the community. The show runs for three days and typically sells out, so be sure to check our event calendar and join the 18,000 guests who attend each year. In addition to the expo, the weekend also features attractions popular for the whole family!

St. Albert Farmers’ Market

Farmers Market

The St. Albert Farmers' Market is the largest outdoor Farmers' Market in Western Canada, attracting crowds of 15,000 to 20,000 visitors each Saturday, rain or shine, from June to October. Located in the heart of the Perron District in downtown St. Albert, the market features over 270 vendors offering a variety of top-quality products that are home-baked, home-grown, or handmade. The market is classified as a food establishment, so no smoking or pets are permitted, except for service dogs. Come and enjoy the best of what St. Albert has to offer at the St. Albert Farmers' Market.

St. Albert Christmas Market

Christmas Market

The St. Albert Christmas Market is a special event that gives visitors a taste of the popular outdoor market during the holiday season. The market runs for four weekends at the end of November and through December, providing shoppers with the opportunity to visit their favorite vendors and shop local for their Christmas gifts. With over 250 vendors each Saturday, the market offers a wide range of products, including produce, baking, crafts, decorations, jewelry, and clothing. In addition to the shopping, the market also features a variety of activities for children and visitors to enjoy, making it a fun and festive destination for the whole family. Come and experience the magic of the St. Albert Christmas Market and support local businesses while you shop for the perfect gifts each holiday season.

Snowflake Festival

Snowflake Festival Event

Our annual Snowflake Festival is the perfect way to welcome the holiday season. Families can take a ride on the polar express, cuddle with animals at the petting zoo, play a little road hockey, and of course meet Santa.

The festival serves as a major attraction that draws people to downtown St. Albert, where they can support our local businesses, restaurants, and shops. Don't miss out on all the festive fun! The event takes place in November, keep an eye on our events calendar!

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