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Community Service Recovery Fund

The Government of Canada has announced a $400 million investment for the Community Services Recovery Fund to support charities and non-profits as they adapt to the long-term impacts of the pandemic. The fund aims to address persistent and complex social problems faced by all communities and to strengthen the internal capacity of Community Service Organizations (CSOs).

Applications for the Community Services Recovery Fund are now open, and all applications must be submitted by February 21, 2023, at 5:00 PM PT. Projects funded by the Community Services Recovery Fund will work within one of the following Project Focus Areas:

Investing in People: Funding will support one-time projects that focus on how organizations recruit, retain, engage, and support their personnel, including staff, volunteers, and boards of directors.

Investing in Systems and Processes: Funding will support one-time projects that invest in the systems and processes involved in creating the internal workings of an organization's overall structure.

Investing in Program and Service Innovation and Redesign: Funding will support one-time projects primarily focused on program and service innovation and redesign using information gained during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Community Services Recovery Fund is an opportunity for charities and non-profits to adapt and strengthen their organizations during these challenging times. Eligible organizations are encouraged to apply by the deadline and to select the primary focus area that best reflects the main intention of their project.

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